Our Services

Luxury Car Rental

Our goal is to offer you any type of car requested. Renting a car gives you the means to navigate the island of Mykonos with safety, reliability and luxury! Do not hesitate to ask us about car hiring. We will provide you with the information you need in order to rent a car or a bike, so your car to be ready on your arrival!

Boat/Yacht Rental

Discover Delos, Rhenia and the – uniquely beautiful – beaches of the island through the experience of renting a luxurious yacht! Moreover you can travel to other destinations (other islands, Athens etc.) combining luxury, relaxation and travelling! Enjoy one of our list’s yachts since we offer a variety of them!

VIP Transfer

Our fleet of luxury VIP cars will take you to any destination on the island you wish! With options between Mercedes, Volkswagen, Range Rover, Jeep, BMW etc. you may get a “creative headache” as to what you choose for your move! Safety and Class are the key elements of our professional drivers!

Private Jet/Helicopter

Do you want to explore the island from above? Do you need conveyance to move to another place promptly and safely? Choose transfer by private helicopter! Additionally, if you want to switch to other destinations, you can choose a private jet! Options are always pithy in luxury and our personnel ready for your every request!

Spa & Wellness

The wellness was a key component of ancient Greek philosophy. Today we offer you generously the modernization of the concept, through massage, spa treatments, personal trainers, hair and nail salons. Inform our corporation about which of the features you need, and you are going to enjoy them immediately!

Private Chef

Would you like to dine within the luxury villa? Distinguished Chef will proofread the menu, letting you and your beloved ones full of gratification! Plates vary from the Mykonian and Mediterranean cuisine, but you can also order plates regarding your needs and interests, such us vegetarian plates or local cuisines.


Approved security personnel is on the ready for any eventuality. If you need security please inform us, and your request will be satisfied immediately! Private securities can also protect you while enjoy a walk in the island or at the beaches. Do not hesitate to contact us before your arrival if you need security, and you have secure and private holidays!


A key feature of Mykonos is leisure and high quality cuisine. We may: inform you about the local cuisine and the most intriguing taverns. Moreover, we can book a table at the most classic and quality restaurants on the island! Regarding nightlife, we can also book a table at the most famous clubs on the island, always according to your interests!

Wedding & Events

Our luxurious villas can welcome even the most important events of your life! We organize weddings, combining our experience and the Cycladic beauty with your wishes. There may be performed a variety of other events such as parties, gala balls etc. Inform us before your arrival about what kind of events you are going to have, and we will prepare everything.

Activities & Sports

Do you want a dose of adrenaline during your vacation? You can choose from dozens of Sports conducted via specialized professors on the island, but we will definitely recommend you try to diving in the -rich of beauty- aquatic world around the island, or test your resilience in the challenging Kite Surf!


Spend some time with yourself; your children will be watched by our experienced staff which is going to make every effort so as your family members have a pleasant time! Staff responsible for childcare is experienced and can also be a native speaker on your language, or having a degree on Preschool Education.

Local Guide

We will guide you in Mykonos town, giving you space to visit the stores on the island! The Town is an invaluable opportunity for you to go shopping! You can even hire a guide on to learn the island’s history out from professionals, who are ready to guide you and your friends/family through the centuries.