Luxurious Holidays in Mykonos

Luxurious Holidays in Mykonos

Have you ever dreamed of a fully relaxed and calm holidays in one of the most important worldwide destinations? Have you ever thought about living for some days near the crystal blue colored Aegean Sea? Well, in this world, dreams become reality since those imaginations really exist.


Mykonos is the most famous Greek island since the 60s. Lots of important people of the international jet set have visited the island, since they fall in love with its culture, people and the traditional Greek hospitality, named “philoxenia”. In those days, people were simple, and tried to make the tourists feel like it was their home, by sharing everything they had. This is what Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas loved, this is what branded Grace Kelly.

Nowadays, you may think that Mykonos changed. In fact it did. Mykonos now consists of one of the most visited destinations worldwide. The island itself has been part of famous movies, video clips of well known singers. Moreover it is a central archeological destination, thanks to the neighbor island of Delos which is known as “the center of the ancient world”.

But people still remain the same. The concept of philoxenia still continues to be the most highly value of Mykonians. You will see the minimal style of the buildings, and taste the famous mykonian cuisine. Moreover you will visit the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea, and also sunbathe under the sun of Mykonos.

An unforgettable experience is about to start. But first, you have to get hosted somewhere! Mykonos Premium Villas is here to fulfill this important matter. Rent a Vila today, and gain the opportunity of having luxurious holidays in the richest in beauty and services island of the world!

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